Sunday Thoughts About Mondays

These are my Sunday thoughts on Mondays.

It’s Sunday night. I don’t know what it is about Sunday nights but I’m just so pumped ahead of the start of the work week. These are my Sunday thoughts about Mondays.

For me it’s like being just minutes ahead of the start of a game. All of my faults, all of my strategies, all of my wants ahead of the work week are starting to flow into my brain. And I’m just thankful at this point it doesn’t cause me to lose sleep.

I’m seeing a lot of people talk about “Sunday sadness” on social media. I just saw it on Instagram. And I guess I can see it from their point of view. Maybe they are longing for more time to spend with children or with their families or with their friends. And I get that. But so many people walk into work on Monday thinking, “ugh, I have to endure another week of this place.”

My Mindset

I walk into work with a mindset of optimism, not just because I want to set how I feel before my day begins but because I’m actually thankful to do what I do. That way, things that happen throughout the day are just add-ons to what’s already going in my own head.

It’s this mindset that makes me believe I have a kindred spirit in Gary Vaynerchuk. For whatever reason, I have been pumped about Mondays on Sundays for the last few years. So it’s nice to see others with a similar thought process.

I wish everyone nothing but the best and success, but I’m convinced that achieving it is predicated on having the right positive mindset. If this post means anything to you, I encourage you to share it with someone you think would find value in it.

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