Boot Digital: Agency For The Now

Boot Digital, an agency for the now.

I want to talk about what makes this company different, about what makes Boot Digital an agency for the now. It goes deeper than you think, so let’s dive in.

Here’s a little history. I have worked in the broadcast media industry for over a decade, and halfway through that time I realized I wanted to work in digital spaces.

So I worked hard and learned and made myself an expert on everything I could to be the best at my craft. That is, the craft of digital content and digital advertising, social media and social strategy for businesses and people.

Digital is such a big world. At the beginning of my journey I had no idea it would get this big. But here we are. I’m glad to be here, and I’m not going back.

Do what you love

For me it’s 100% true that doing something that you hate or end up hating is one of the best drivers to push someone (like me) to doing what they really want and love.

That’s the promise of the passion if you do it right and you don’t get distracted or give up along the way. By the way, giving up isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it’s your choice, but it is your choice.

My company, Boot Digital, is an agency for the now. What does that mean? It means we’re a digital agency primarily focused on where audiences and attention are today, and today only.

Things may change tomorrow, and if they do, we will adjust accordingly and change with them. Being flexible like that is such a key part of surviving and thriving in this industry.

Living digital

Everybody has their thing, and this is ours. For example, television advertising is a large place with a lot of business. But that’s not what we do. We’re here to work and play in the digital spaces that have changed our lives.

That’s not our argument anyway. We’re not here to fuss or complain about this vs that. We’re here to lasso the attention that lives in the digital spaces that you, your family, and your friends visit on a regular basis.

If I gave an Academy Award speech for where I am in light of the internet, it might go something like this:

“I’d like to thank my parents and school library for giving me access to a computer for the first time in the 90’s. All the boops and beeps. The green text on black monitor screens, and of course, the iconic sound of dial-up internet.”

Final thoughts

Technology is a great thing to have. But for me- I’ve always wanted to find a way for it to pay me back because I was using a new thing, like an iPhone or faster internet access. Getting a better return on investment was crucial to me. With Boot Digital I can do that, and so can the people who learn from our consulting and use our services.

I would love to know your thoughts about Boot Digital as an agency and hope you share them in the comments. More than that, I hope you tell what you would want from this business if you were a client.